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More often unlisted firms are smaller in size and are yet to reach a stage where they can go public to avail funds for their capital requirements. As a result, investing when the company is small and being invested through its growth, and its IPO often yields higher returns.

Stocks of unlisted companies are often either undervalued or overvalued for long periods of time. As an investor, if one invests when the stock is undervalued, then one can gain significant returns on the investment.

Unlike listed shares, the prices of unlisted equity shares are relatively stable and less prone to market fluctuations.

Who sells unlisted equity shares?

The shares are being sold by existing investors mainly because they have alternate investment opportunities or to fulfill personal financial needs. The shareholders of unlisted equity shares are mostly Founders, Investors, Employees (current or Ex), and AIF (Alternative Investment Fund)

Are the shares available in the Demat account?

Yes, all the shares that we are dealing in are available in Demat account only

How do you find the current market price of an unlisted company?

The updated price is given on the website. Alternatively, you can contact us on or on 9152252222 to get the latest share price of any company.

Are unlisted shares liquid?

Yes. The shares of most of the companies we deal in are liquid 

Will Magnifiq securities help to sell unlisted shares?

Yes, we will help our investors in identifying the sellers or alternatively the investor can sell securities once the company is listed at stock exchanges.

Is buying unlisted shares legal?

Yes, its legal, and the share will be transferred to your Demat account like the listed stocks

What is the kind of time horizon to see the gains in unlisted shares?

One should at least hold for 3 years to see meaningful growth on his/her/its investment.

As I am new in the unlisted market, will you guide me in selecting the right stocks?

We will share all the information of the companies that we have thoroughly researched, have seen growth potential, and have also invested in them. Based on that you can take the decision of buying the shares.

How soon will I get the delivery of the shares?

You will get the shares in your Demat account in 24 hours

Can unlisted company issue IPO?

An unlisted company can issue an IPO so long as the eligibility criteria is satisfied for a public issue.