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Who are we?

Backed by an excellent Investment Management Team, we create value for Investors, helping them set up Scalable and Sustainable Businesses

Magnifiq identifies companies with ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative and disruptive business models who aim to build future champions of our economy. Magnifiq facilitates in bringing its resource networks to the startups enabling scale and bringing in value for all the stakeholders. It facilitates and provides investment platform to invest in these growth-oriented start- ups.

We strongly believe that in the start-up ecosystem, a well-researched and evaluated portfolio entity by a Fund Manager, provides pool of portfolio entities thot will benefit from timely funding resulting in exponential growth both for the start-ups and the Investors

Magnifiq secures investor interests to invest in early stage, growth stage start-ups through its in-house comprehensive screening mechanism to analyse suitable opportunities and diversify their investment portfolios to maximize returns. Magnifiq has a strong team who shall not only identify such start-ups, but also support and nurture its growth.


  • In-depth market research and analysis
  • Smooth, safe, and secure transactions
  • 24/7 live support
  • 100% transparent dealings

Our Story

In his journey as an extremely successful stock market trader for over a decade, our Founder R. C. Rahul earned a considerable amount of money in the unlisted market. These stocks had incredible promise and were very valuable but they weren’t available on any stock exchange because they were unlisted stocks. He realized that this was an unexplored opportunity that would help thousands of traders like him to change the way they invested. After over a year’s research and learning, blended with his own ocean of knowledge, Rahul founded Magnifiq as a platform to connect buyers/sellers and unlisted stocks. The main aim of this establishment is to help investors realize the true potential of unlisted stocks and use it to boost their investment plans. Magnifiq is our Founder’s attempt to completely transform your financial journey and help you make all the right choices.


To be the best in the eyes of the Customers, Employees and all stakeholders.


To be the most trusted platform for investments in Stocks. We commit to creating an affluent future for our customers while delivering the finest customer experience.


Trust Worthiness