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Anirudh Sharma

CEO & Director


Anirudh Sharma, CEO of Magnifiq Securities Pvt Ltd, is a B.Tech graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Having worked with large entities such as ICICI, TATA, Reliance, and Religare and BNRathi Securities, he has extensive experience in the Financial Market.

His innovative sales strategies have captured extraordinary market share in the past with significant revenue. He has also successfully led teams to deliver maximum output time and again. Anirudh’s efforts have been consistently recognized and honoured in all the organizations he has worked with. He has, to his name, multiple Top Performance awards.

Long-range planning, leadership, and team building are his pillars of strength, each of which is crucial for the growth of organizations. He is also a crisis manager and a team motivator, always aiming to achieve set targets.