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RC Rahul

Managing Director

Magnifiq Securities Pvt Ltd.


R C Rahul is an MBA (Finance) with a keen interest in the stock markets for more than a decade now. He is a very successful stock market trader with expertise in the unlisted market space. Years of learning and research helped him tap into the full potential of unlisted stocks. He garnered considerable wealth through strategies and practices not just for himself but also his friends and investors.

His acumen in learning and understanding the markets with lots of grit, clarity and focus helped achieve the goals he set for himself. The realization that the unlisted market and the growing start-ups are an ocean of opportunity led him to establish Magnifiq. Magnifiq is a platform for Private Equity, which connects to start-ups, creating a marketplace for unlisted stocks and investors as a whole.

Rahul ideates and empowers start-ups to achieve new levels of growth by creating value for the company as well as the investors. He also has a strong network on industry leaders who have guided him through innovative business strategies.

With Magnifiq, Rahul is on a mission to identify good start-ups in various verticals to help them scale up with the help of funds and strategies.